Bike Wash Station

Eco-sustainable bicycle washing system



Code: BICI-L

Constructed from durable stainless steel corrosion, it is the first system for washing bicycles eco-sustainable, with extractor that separates the mud and the oil from the water, in order to avoid mixing the black waters with white ones. Thanks to the special ecological detergents supplied by us, it is possible to wash the bicycle at low pressure, preserving the integrity of the gears and saving at the same time on water consumption (only 2 litres of water per minute).

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS WIDTH 250 cm + 70 cm entrance ramp (the ramp is raised during transport); DEPTH 85 cm; HEIGHT 160 cm.

ACCESSORIES: "BICI-L" Pump to pump away dirty water via the customer's hose; "BICI-L-C" Payment with cards (compatible with smart phones); "BICI-L-WHEELS" Set of 2 braking swivel wheels and 2 fixed wheels for its movement.

GRAPHIC CUSTOMIZATION: Customization on the main wall of the bike wash (2490 x 365 mm) with file provided by the customer.