Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

Bike Facilities
“Bike Facilities” denotes charging and maintenance stations designed for electric bicycles. We assist public administrations, corporations, and individual enterprises daily in identifying optimal solutions to enhance their bike-friendliness and sustainability efforts.

Bike Maintenance Stands

Aluminum anticorodal devices designed for easy and quick bicycle maintenance, available in various models with different features.
Equipped with maintenance tools (wrenches, hex keys, tire levers, etc.) or for washing (brush sets, bike wash gun, etc.) bicycles, along with a pump.

Electric Charging Stands

Aluminum anticorodal devices with Schuko outlets for E-bike charging, available in various models with or without maintenance tools and pump for bicycle upkeep.
Also available in the new “SMART” version for managing payments via our App for charging and for reading onboard sensors: people counting, air quality monitoring, temperature, and humidity.

Modular Racks

Aluminum anticorodal bike racks for bicycle parking, also available in the “electric” version with outlets for e-bike charging.
Available in various models, some with integrated chargers from popular brands such as Shimano, Yamaha, and Bosch, and with solar panels for “stand-alone” models not connected to the grid.


Bicycle parking shelters available in various models with customizable options to integrate other Bike Facilities products.
Version featuring only indoor parking, charging bar, Schuko outlets, and/or integrated chargers from popular brands for e-bike charging, with solar panels and a STAND ALONE system not connected to the electrical grid.


Highly efficient, eco-friendly bicycle washing station equipped with a mud separator to filter water from oils and greases, which are collected in a small tray for proper disposal.
Operates with low-pressure water to preserve the integrity of bicycle gears. Features a payment system via tokens and/or credit cards managed through a smartphone app.

Bike Station Container

Repurposing new or first-time use containers into Bike Stations for versatile use: as simple bicycle storage, equipped workshop for sales, rental, and/or bicycle maintenance.
Customizable with other Bike Facilities products (space-saving bike parking, e-bike charging bars, etc.). Option with solar panels also available in stand-alone version, video surveillance system, air conditioning, etc.

Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

We build trust with a wide range of clients, both large and small. Today, we proudly showcase some of these clients who have relied on our expertise for their success.

Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

committed to success

“The idea of a city where bicycles have priority isn’t just a fantasy”.   Marc Augé


Made in Italy

Meticulously crafted in Italy for unparalleled quality and reliability. From innovative parking solutions to cutting-edge charging stations and maintenance tools, our products embody the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Choose excellence with our premium offerings, engineered for superior performance and lasting durability.


Our dedicated team works closely with you to understand your project goals and specifications. Whether it’s a custom-designed eBike charging station with integrated solar panels, a modular maintenance station for a specific space, or innovative bike stand solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Smart City

We believe in the transformative power of sustainable transportation for urban landscapes. Our commitment is to deliver products that not only meet but exceed eco-friendly standards. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, we offer solutions that maximize efficiency and convenience. Our philosophy revolves around providing eco-sustainable products infused with the latest advancements in the field.

Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

sustainable mobility
Breathtaking landscapes, captivating moments, and timeless memories await you in our Bike Facilities gallery. Explore our curated collection showcasing the beauty of a sustainable and smart world. Stay connected with us on social media to keep up with our latest adventures and exclusive content.

Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

Engaged in Showing
We actively participate in fairs, exhibitions, and events to regularly showcase our latest products and technologies. Through these platforms, we engage with industry leaders and enthusiasts, fostering meaningful connections and demonstrating our commitment to driving progress and innovation forward.Don’t miss out on our upcoming event, where we’ll be showcasing our latest advancements.

NORIMBERG - GERMANY, 11-14.09.2024

Leading trade fair, GALABAU covers the entire range of products and services for the design, construction and maintenance of urban, green and open spaces, as well as sports fields, golf courses and playgrounds. GALABAU visitors are characterized by high decision-making expertise and represent various industry sectors, including gardening, landscaping and open space construction companies, landscape architects, specialist power tool retailers and planners from federal, state and local authorities.

Chi siamo? Bike Facilities, un po di storia

We team up with
We engage with a diverse spectrum of businesses, fostering innovation and sustainability in both urban and rural development. From pioneering renewable energy solutions to the forefront of technological advancements, our commitment lies in shaping the future landscape. Join us in constructing a more environmentally conscious and technologically advanced future for all.

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